Connecting 2500+ SMEs With Direct Buyers

B2B Commerce Aggregator Export to Address Supply Chain and the Distribution Problems

How it Works

Easily Export SMEs Products in One Hand

Business matchmaking

Help to identify and connect (match) Buyers and SMEs with common request products.

Warehouse & Logistic
Reduce costs with the automation and integration of the supply chain ecosystem.
Payment Method

Help importers and exporters structure contracts in a way to minimize cash flow risk


Collaboration with SMEs Pack helps us connect credible and quality SMEs product furniture because it has been filtered by the SMEs Pack before, the products delivered are exactly what we wanted and increased our company's sales 4X

Kim Boo JinPresdir,서울신라호텔

I am very optimistic with SMEs Pack, our national identity Gotong Royong, we can overcome the potential recession next year by focusing on the strengths, we have to increase the 90 percent of export creative economy product

Sandiaga UnoMenteri,Kemenparekraf RI

I hope that SMEs Pack can to be game changing, create more job opportunities, and export more intensively. SMEs Pack network which gives SMEs a local view of how to do business in different countries

Zulkifli HasanMenteri,Kemendagri RI